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It’s not great news.


Went to the Infectious Disease Specialty Clinic today and saw Dr. Goodloe and was diagnosed with Endocarditis.

For the next six weeks, I am going to have three IVs a day.  Thankfully the local hospital has an Infusion Center.

The link above shows the one in Springfield; I’m going to the hospital here in our hometown, which is a good thing because the one in the city is an hour away and that’s a long way to go.

Today I had a PICC line put in and my first IV.  I go at 9:30 p.m. for my second IV.  Then, we’ll get them scheduled for the next six weeks.


I trust my doctor.  I wish he could come here and supervise the IVs but you can’t have everything, can you?

In four weeks, I have another appointment with him.  This coming Friday, I have an MRI of my brain and then next week, a hearing appointment because the antibiotics can wreck havoc with hearing/ears.  The information running around my brain is – overwhelming – to say the least :(

So, please if you can send prayers, they are really appreciated.




  1. lemondrop87 says

    Well Patty; you have surely got mine. Cant say that I know anyone on any of my correspondence pages that has any more things or worse things to contend with unless I include the cancer patients, I guess maybe the most severe ones do, but God only knows that. But you just remember one thing; God has all this in his control, and he says in his word “That he will never put on us more than what he will give us the strength to overcome it”.. With your teen and hubby along with your strength, stamina and grit you will overcome this and come through with flying colors I am pretty sure. Just get up each morning and first thing tell God; ‘Lord I am giving you all that may come my way today and pray’– “That Nothing Will Happen To Me Or Mine Today That By Your Grace You And I Can’t Handle”!! .. Hallululah!! I feel him reaching out to you now. Cheer up dear, and keep me posted on your progress, Luv U!!


  2. lemondrop87 says

    Y/W; how did the 3 treatments go today, do you stay at the center after you get there until you get through with the last one? If you don’t that is a lot of going back and to. Take care of yourself and let hubby & teen do some of the house chores, will be good experience for him.. Alice…

    • says

      Alice, yesterday was bad…really bad. I fell asleep and the hospital called me at 3 p.m., then the nurses (two of them) told me that I looked exhausted and that I should spend the night last night.

      Then, I went in at 10 p.m., had my infusion and then the night nurse basically kicked me out.

      I didn’t go this morning; called my Infectious Disease specialist and my family doctor. The nurse for my ID doctor just phoned and warned me that if I discontinue treatment, I could die.

      She is going to try and arrange with my family doctor to have me admitted to the local hospital and then transfer me to a skilled nursing facility for the remainder of the six weeks.

      Maybe if they do that, I can rest.

      I have NO idea how to pay for that but right now, I really don’t care because I’m exhausted and don’t want to die.

  3. lemondrop87 says

    Patty, Hang in there, you are not going to die until your time comes and we hope that’s a long time off. I am going to ask a question that is really none of my business and you do not have to answer it if you do not want to; Are you getting or on medicare? If not I think you should apply for it for I really think you would qualify for it so why don’t you check it out!! Well gotta go and go to town. Try to get some rest dear!!..

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