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Hi, again!

I’m Patty and this is “Seasoned with Life”

The reason for the blog title, “Seasoned with Life” is that I believe that we live in different seasons throughout our lives.  For me, 2014 was a season of change.  Quite a few things happened in 2014: my family moved from the country into town; I spent many weeks in the hospital for endocarditis; my husband passed away in July and now I’m a widowed mom, raising a teenage son.  We have three cats who allow us to share living space.  Both my son and I are bookworms and we both enjoy cooking.

When I made the error that caused my site to go down, I was devastated. I started my food blogging in 2012 and lost so many recipes and photos.  Thankfully, Tanya from Blogelina helped me get back on my feet again.

On “Seasoned with Life” I will share my love of cooking with my readers. Some of my recipes are found on other websites and personal blogs; I will always give credit where credit is due – and would ask the same of you if you want so share any of my recipes.  Part of the fun of cooking is tweaking recipes to fit the likes and tastes of my family of two.  I love to tweak!  If I use a recipe from another site and tweak it, I’ll definitely share what I’ve done to change the original recipe. Some of my recipes are my own “creations” from my kitchen.  I love to create and have a bunch of favorites to share.

You’re invited to visit my personal blog, Blessed Beyond Measure. On my personal blog, I write about being a widow, raising a teenager, dealing with life on life’s terms – the real world!  Come on over and check it out!

I’m happy to be back and I’m ready to start cooking and blogging again!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at pmejiaburke AT gmail DOT com


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